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Vision & Mission


To partner each child in their journey of self exploration and to assist each child in assimilating knowledge through experiential and resource based exposures of the environment of today. While in doing so, our endeavour would be to ignite the passion for learning by tapping the unique potential and interests of each child by identifying and challenging these through scientific and friendly approach thus strengthening the resolve in a young mind to see more, learn more thus gaining in-depth knowledge which will be applied by each child in his/her own unique way for individual/group and community and environmental success. We thus envision that we shape young minds into becoming complete, humane and contributing pillars of our society. 


The mission of TCG PUBLIC SCHOOL KOTDWARA is to provide to the children a unique, opportune, serene, technologically advanced, harmonious and a complete platform that transforms dynamic minds into complete, competitive, humane and robust, thinking platforms, developing and shaping dynamic leaders of tomorrow. The Leaders so evolved would contribute towards transforming the nation as a whole. The mission specifically will be achieved through the following strategy:-

  • Having excellent, competent and humane faculty who play the role of friends and ideal partners and mentors to each child specific to his/her needs so that the road to knowledge becomes interesting to each child.

  • Having 'state of the art' facilities which are safe and provide ideal atmosphere for learning with freedom to experiment.

  • Have an inclusive approach to learning by throwing our doors open to children of special needs and those from underprivileged sections of the society.

  • To inculcate the importance of nature and environment and its conservation through our 'Green Ideologies'

  • To create an atmosphere of warmth and affection so that the children develop a sense of ownership of our campus and most importantly of our ethics and ideologies.

  • Encouraging an environment of resource based experiential learning so that the child does not become a victim of set ideas, compartmentalization and restrictive approach to learning through rote techniques prevalent today.

  • To maintain an overall view of self and induced discipline so that the child understands her/his responsibilities to self/family/friends and the community as a whole.